5 Instagram App hacks that you need to know today

Instagram App is one of the top used social media tools, it connects people through beautiful pictures and stories and like any tool there is a lot to learn about. There are always some newly hidden hacks that you need to know to enjoy a full experience.
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We gathered 5 Instagram hacks that you might never hear about it!!

#1 You can see a lot of Instagrammers use a line break between their sentences, by doing this, your caption will be clearer to read, and people will connect with you more on the Instagram App.

To do that, you need to type the sentence you want without leaving a space at the end! Make sure there is no space at the end of your sentence!

#2 Pictures who have a blue element receive 24% more engagement! It can be a picture of a sky, beach or anything blue. However, if there is no blue element around, what can you do?

Well, you can edit your photo and incorporate that bluish vibe. Open your Instagram App, add your photo and scroll down the edit bar and in the color section, choose blue.

#3 Adding location to your photo will increase your engagement massively! People usually look on The Instagram App for hidden places to take pictures in or even ideas for specific poses.

#4 Turn on your private account into a business account! It will able you to have a better understanding of your profile; for example, what’s the best time to post or the age group of your followers, etc. It is a fantastic tool if you can use it well.

#5 Use hashtags! Hashtags are very important in all of the social media platforms; It helps your content to reach to a larger audience. Add at least 15 hashtags that are indicating the place or the activity you are doing.

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Hadi Karmi

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