Benefits of using Instagram from a Computer VS. Mobile

Having a computer and a mobile phone is becoming an essential tool in today’s world. You need it for work, making videos, even editing photos! However, focusing on two different devices can be tiring, and that’s why developers started to have a web version of every app just to make our life easier.

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Every App has an excellent web version like; Whatsapp web version, Facebook web version, you name it! But it’s not the case with Instagram. The Instagram web is not the best interface to work with; you can’t download a picture or even send a DM! So how can you have an Instagram web experience? By having an account with Sortechs! We are all about making your Instagram and social media life comfortable!

Back to the main question, what’re the benefits of using Instagram from a computer Vs. Mobile? Well, we are here to break it down for you! Here are three reasons we think using a computer is much better than mobile.

Benefits of Using a computer VS. mobile:

# 1 You don’t need to Install different Apps to edit your photos!

Instagram filters are fantastic but sometimes you need something extra, you need to edit your photos professionally.The only way to do that is by using a computer, and it is a hassle to transfer your photos back to your mobile, and that’s why using Instagram from a computer is much better.

#2 Access to old photos!

current phones memories can’t handle our huge albums that’s why we save them on a hard disk or computer when using a phone, you will only be able to access current photos not older ones, and that’s why using Instagram from a computer is much better.

Of course, Sortechs allows you to download multiple photos in one post!

#3A�Re-post without installing another App.

To re-post, you need to Install a 3rd party App that will enable you to repost your favorite post! But with Sortechs you will able to Re-post from a computer! No need for different apps use Sortechs Instagram from a computer.

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