Sortech Instagram Scheduling Tool

Instagram application is a great tool to communicate with other, to build a brand and to market your work. It is a way for people to connect with beautiful pictures, so having a presentable profile is vital in the world of Instagram. That’s why Sortechs came up with Instagram scheduling tool to help you plan your feed.

Why you should schedule your next post?

Preparing your next post on Instagram can be hectic! You need to choose a picture that fits your theme and post at a peak time so it can reach more followers.

However, we don’t have time in our day to choose a picture and edit and upload it! And that’s why Sortechs came to the rescue! Sortechs will allow you to schedule your next post from your computer.

With Sortechs, you will be able to schedule your next post on Instagram from your computer! You won’t need to install an app or set a reminder, Sortechs will automatically push your posts on your feed.

Instagram scheduling tool is a feature that we added, so you have more control over your profile by knowing what to post next!

Here is how you can use our Instagram scheduling tool:

#1 Link your social network (in this case it’s Instagram) from the tab above.

#2 Click on “Create Post.” In the new screen click on the network you want to share your post on (You can choose multiple platforms).

#3 Add your post and attach media. Make sure your post is attractive and got no spelling mistakes. Moreover, add different hashtags so your post can reach a broader audience.

Note: you can add multiple media files to your post.

#4 Assign date. Choose the exact date and time you want your post to be published.

After you are done, you post queue will appear on the right side of the screen! You will be able to re-check your post and have a better understanding of your current theme.A�

Hadi Karmi

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