Sortechs; more than a social media tool

Social media applications have become part of our daily life whether its Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. It is rapidly growing to be number one influence tool!

So whether you are running your blog, Instagram or handling it for someone else, jumping from application to another can be exhausting! Sortechs allows you to have all of your social accounts in one place where you can plan, schedule and engage with your followers!

In this post we are going to dive more into the website and give you an in-depth view.

Here are what you don’t know about Sortechs:

#1 Manage more than one account.

You don’t need to open different apps, here in Sortechs we allow you to add up to 3 accounts for each network! You can add your client’s profiles and have full control from our website.
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#2 Instagram Scheduling feature.

You will be able to schedule posts on Instagram from your computer! Your post will automatically be pushed into your feed!

#3 Instagram re-post feature.

You can re-post as many posts as you want all from Sortechs! There is nothing better than handling multiple tasks from one place.


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#4 Hashtag Library.

You will be able to add keywords to your library, and those words will automatically become a hashtag in any text you add.

#5 Template based post.

Template based post is another feature by Sortechs where you can copy, paste a URL and create a template post for different social media networks. i.e., facebook, twitter and Instagram.

#6 Timeline.

This will be your engagement bored, you will be able to comment and like different posts on different platforms! Sortechs gather all of your social media in one place.

There is a lot more to Sortechs! This post was part one of our site overview! Don’t forget to Sign Up for Sortechs Today.A�

Hadi Karmi

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