Sortechs website overview – Part 2

As we mentioned in our previous post, Sortechs is your ultimate social media tool! It gathers all of your social account and information in one place.

Sortechs website is the answer to all of your social media problems; you won’t need to open more than one website, you won’t get lost in the middle of creating different posts for different networks. You will be able to handle any platform from our site.

With Sortechs, you will be able to post, schedule, communicate with your followers with just one click!

In Part 1 we talked about five essential features in Sortechs like re-post and scheduling Instagram posts.

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In this part we are going to talk about other features that you will love on our website:

#1 RSS Feed.

As a social media tool, we aim to ease your social life presence, with our customized RSS feed you will be able to create your posts and post them on your social networks.

#2 Assign a profile picture.

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With Sortechs you will be able to assign and even schedule your profile picture. You will be able to do that on both Facebook and Twitter.

#3 Assign a cover photo.

Having a unique cover photo is a representative of your profile, it will either impress or not! You will able to choose a cover photo and upload it to Sortechs in a matter of seconds! You will also be able to schedule your pictures ahead of time.

#4 Manage Template.

In our previous post, we mentioned that you could create the template based post by pasting a URL into the “template based post” blank space.

We didn’t mention that you can create your template on any network you want. You can add a title, article, description, short link and other variables.

There are limitless advantages of using Sortechs, just Sign Up and start posting.A�

Hadi Karmi

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