What is RSS Feed and How to Set it up using Sortechs

One of the great features that Sortechs offers is RSS Feed! And the ability to post your RSS Feed on both Facebook and Twitter! But what is RSS?

What is RSS?

Let’s keep it simple, RSS feed is a way to stay updated with your favorite websites whether it is a blog, an e-newspaper or any content. RSS Feed brings the feed to you so you wouldn’t need to open the site again.

RSS Feed can be a beneficial tool for people who work with social media and have to be updated with every single event that happens on the website.


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We added this feature because we understand the importance of RSS and how it can be a powerful marketing tool! We also want to make your life easier by enabling you to post on multiple social media networks (Facebook and Twitter) at the same time. RSS feed will also boost your traffic, increase reach and even will increaseA� your sales.

How to set it up?

Manual installation

#1 Identify the RSS feed for the site you want, whether its a newspaper or a blog, choose your category and copy the RSS URL.

#2 Log in to Sortechs and head to Feed on the sidebar. Once you click, a setting screen will pop up.

#3 Add the URL to URL blank space with a label to identify the website. Choose the platforms you want (Facebook or Twitter).

#4 Don’t forget to choose a gap time between posts! Sortechs will publish the post on your behalf.

Automatic installation

We are currently working on our automatic installation tool so you will need to go through all of the following steps above!

RSS is an excellent tool if you know how to use it right! With Sortechs you will be able to use it to the fullest!

Don’t forget to Sign up for Sortechs and start your posts going.

Hadi Karmi

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